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A Young Researchers' and PhD Workshop - Research on Innovative Solutions for Elderly

at the AAL Forum in Eindhoven, The Netherland, September 24th, 2012

The first "Young Researchers' and PhD Workshop" was launched at the first AAL Forum in Vienna in 2009. The positive reactions to the workshop engaged us to continue this event over the past years (YR-RISE Workshop 2010 in Odense; YR-RISE reloaded 2011 in Lecce).

Due to the success of the past workshops, we again would like to invite young scientists from various disciplines (geriatrics, engeneering, architecture, informatics, psychology, sociology, nursing sciences, economics, etc.) who investigate technical solutions for older adults. Admission will be granted to those with bachelor's degree up to PhDs and junior Postdocs.

There will be 4 different tracks:

1. Virtual Reality and Telemedicine.

2. Social Computing: Networking Services - Games - Interventions.

3. Assistive Technologies for the Elderly.

4. Communication Technologies and Interfaces.

For participants of this young researchers' workshop the registration for the AAL Forum will be free. The program includes participation in the young researchers` workshop on Monday, where a short oral presentation will be expected, as well as a poster session displaying your work during the Forum for two full days. Also participants will have full access to all presentations in course of the AAL Forum. In a closing event a special young researchers' award will be granted for the three best presentations!

The winners of the three best submissions will be reimbursed for their travel expenses and accommodation costs.


YR-RISE revolutions

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